Summer Swimming 2024

Skills and Safety
Out your back door!

Offering convenient Private, Semi-Private and Pod Squad
swimming lessons in your own backyard pool.


Summer Sessions

Monday-Thursday for 2 weeks

* Limit 2 sessions / summer

**Summer 2, Summer 4 and Summer 6 have different days due to
Memorial Day, July 4th holiday, and a Long course Nationals at SMU**

Summer 1 May 13-23 (Mon-Thu) | HEATED POOLS ONLY
Summer 2 May 28-31 (Tue-Fri)
June 3-6 (Mon-Thu)
Summer 3 June 10-20 (Mon-Thu)
Summer 4 June 24-28 (Mon-Fri)
July 1-3 (Mon-Wed)
Summer 5 July 8-18 (Mon-Thu)
Summer 6 July 22-24 (Mon-Wed)
July 29-August 2 (Mon-Fri)

Skill Booster Sessions

** Only for swimmers who have taken in 2024**

Summer 7 August 5-8 (Mon-Thu)
Only 4 days of intense work/fun

Time Options

9:30am | 11:00am | 3:00pm | 4:30pm

Session Costs

If your pool is in the targeted Zip code area - $680

If your pool is outside the targeted Zip code area - $760

(See the service area map below)

Which class size do you want for your swimmer(s)?

A Private class, your swimmer will get personalized one-on-one attention.

A Semi-Private class, the two swimmers MUST be fairly close in their skill levels.

  • This option is not usually an optimal choice for siblings, unless you have twins.
  • It is not appropriate for a baby and a 2+ year old - the baby needs the Baby Angelfish group class whereas the 2+ year old could possibly be in his/her own class with the Instructor

A Pod Squad is a class of 3 friends of the same basic swimming level. It will be named after the organizer’s (Mom) swimmer’s name and is CLOSED to only their specific friends. Session cost will be divided among the 3 friends. Example: “Ford’s Pod Squad class”.

All Baby Angelfish classes are small group classes with your friends and their cute babies!


*** Please email me immediately if you want to have a Semi-Private or Pod Squad class instead of PRIVATE. I’ll name the class after your swimmer so your friends recognize the correct class at registration.


These descriptions are an overview of the progression you’ll see with Loving Dolfin. Each and every class, your swimmer will be challenged developmentally to achieve a greater level of mastery and confidence until your swimmer graduates to the next level (or two)!
Watch your swimmer SHINE!

LD Baby - Angelfish
2mo - 2yr

Group class of 3-6 Mommy-baby pairs. "Best Baby class" and fun!

LD Baby Pro - Starfish
2 - 2.5yr

Swim 4' independently, back float with assistance, kneeling dive and safety jump.

LD 1 Boomer Beta Fish
2.5 - 4yr

Independent floating, assisted swimming across the pool, kneeling dive, safety jump, and comfort and confidence in the water.

LD 2 Perky Penguin
3 - 4.5yr

Swim length of pool independently, Elementary back, standing dive, jump and get back to the wall independently.

LD 3 Jazzy Jewelfish
3.5 - 5.5yr

Freestyle with breathing, Elementary back, and backstroke.

LD 4 Sparky Sea Turtle
4 - 6yr

Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke.

LD 5 Lightning Sailfish
4.5 - 6.5yr

Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

X-treme Dolfin

LD 6 Xtreme Dolfin

Competitive training with starts, turns, and finishes

Service Areas

Zip Codes of Service

75205   75209   75220
75225   75229   75230

If you live in another zip code that is not included, you may share your pool with your friends and I'll come teach in your pool for 2-3 different lessons.



Instructor: Linda DeSanders

I started swimming at a very young age. “Pop Kitchens” was a sink-or-swim teacher. I was blessed to take to swimming like a fish. But I have met other Dallasites who learned from Pop Kitchens who were truly traumatized by that experience and won’t even go near a pool. This dichotomy has truly shaped the way I teach swimming, sports, or even Sunday School. I want the child to LOVE what I am teaching and gain confidence through our shared time together.

Linda DeSanders

I loved anything in water - swimming, water skiing, springboard diving, scuba, sailing, and surfing. I mastered every American Red Cross level and can teach 11 strokes! But I competed as a diver through High School. Running, Aerobic Dancing, and Jazzercise were my choices for aerobic training until my mid 30s when I joined a Masters swim team. It wasn’t until I turned 65 that I started competing in swimming.

In 1998 I bought my current home with a pool and followed my mentor’s wise advice to teach in my backyard pool during the summer and in a close-by hotel pool during the school year. We had 13 blissful summers of swim lessons before I opened up an indoor swim school with two pools in it called Dolfin Swim School, Inc.

What a dream! To be able to teach swimming to 1,200 kids a week, have a championship summer league swim team at the UP pool, and the Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance to educate families about ways to prevent a silent and tragic drowning. God blessed me and my staff bountifully. To Him be the glory!

I would be truly honored to impart my love of water to all the swimmers I get the privilege to work with during the summer. Again, to Him be the glory!

Linda wins 5 golds at USMS Spring Zone meet in 2023 copy
Linda wins 4 golds at Tx. Sr. Games in 2023

Linda’s 2023 Swimming Achievements

Texas Senior Games (San Antonio)
1st place 100 yd. backstroke
1st place 200 yd. backstroke
1st place 100 yd. Individual Medley (IM) *State Record
1st place 200 yd. Individual Medley (IM)

USMS Zones Championship (Lewisville)
1st place 50 yd. backstroke
1st place 100 yd. IM
1st place 200 yd. Medley relay
1st place 200 yd. Free relay
1st place 200 yd. backstroke *Meet Record
1st place 100 yd. backstroke

National Senior Games (Pittsburgh, PA.)
2nd place 100 yd. backstroke
2nd place 200 yd. backstroke
3rd place 50 yd. backstroke
6th place 100 yd. IM

Linda’s 2022 Swimming Achievements

Texas Senior Games (San Antonio)
2nd place 100 yd. backstroke
2nd place 200 yd. backstroke
1st place 100 yd. Individual Medley (IM)
2nd place 200 yd. Individual Medley (IM)

USMS Zones Championship (Woodlands)
2nd place 50 yd. backstroke
2nd place 100 yd. IM
1st place 200 yd. Medley relay
2nd place 200 yd. Free relay
1st place 200 yd. backstroke
1st place 100 yd. backstroke

National Senior Games (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.)
8th place 100 yd. backstroke
6th place 200 yd. backstroke
10th place 100 yd. IM
12th place 200 yd. IM

Owner of Dolfin Swim School, Inc. 1998-2017
Owner of Dallas Dolfins swim team 1999-2016
Owner of Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance 2011-2017
National Drowning Prevention Alliance- 2014 Community Lifesaver
Award – Tx. Drowning Prevention Alliance
Master Instructor 1971- currently
ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association) Level 3 Coach
American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor- currently
Baby Swim Expert 1980- currently


April R.

"We are so pleased with what he accomplished this summer. We took him to a pool recently, and he was confidently jumping off the diving board. Thank you so much for your time this summer!"

Ashley H.

"I can’t believe the progress Grace has made! I’m so proud of her. It’s incredible and completely the result of your instruction and way with her. We are so grateful!"

Kristen S.

"Thank you for the skill cards on Kayleigh and Luke and for your kind words! It has been a pleasure getting to know you, and we appreciate all of your hard work and effort in helping our kiddos learn how to swim. Your approach with the kids is great, and we’re grateful they got to learn from you.  It’s so fun to see them progress and get stronger in their skills."

Sarah K.

"Thank you so much for writing down their skills and sending them along. It's amazing after the lessons that they are much more confident in their strokes and abilities in the pool. Charlotte was doing her freestyle breathing all weekend long. Christian was feeling confident in his backstroke and flutter kick!" 


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